Our Girls

Over the years we have loved 6 generations of bitches, each one with their own different personalities. We began with a lovely Chocolate bitch in the UK who carried many generations of chocolate genetics. Listed below are the Fishersgate girls, past and present.


Cocoa had a litter by Brightwalton Elegant Flyer

Amber Amber

Amber and Blackhills Heathcliff had a litter from which we kept Fishersgate Flossie

DSCF6315 Flossie

Flossie had a litter with Badgersleigh Major Tom at Berolee from which we kept Fishersgate Burnished Oak (Cocoa 2nd)

Cocoa Cocoa

Cocoa’s daughter Fishergate Ella at Blackhills had a daughter Thora, and a grand daughter Lace (Willowsprings C’est La Vie).

IMG_2197 Jet

We have a daughter of Lace and Kropsmarken Simply The Best (Lars) and she is called Jet (Blackhills Faith For Fishersgate).

IMG_3069 India

Our youngest girl, Fishersgate Tails Of India, (India) is the product of Jet and Croftsway Dario (Japan). An AI litter, these puppies have wonderful temperaments, a strong working drive, easygoing mature nature and are growing well.We could not have been happier with the outcome of this breeding.