We have two girls of breeding age, Jet (Blackhills Faith For Fishersgate) and India (Fishersgate Tails of India). A litter is planned for both girls in early 2017. Jet is likely to deliver in mid February. India will be later. Here are a few photos of them both. Our puppies are sold on the limited NZKC registry. They are not to be bred from, exported or shown without prior arrangement. Please contact us if you wish to buy a puppy for breeding purposes.

Jet’s first litter was hugely successful. Created by artificial insemination (AI) she produced 9 beautiful puppies, many of which are working in the field as well as adorning rugs and sofas in households around the country. Some images of her puppies working in the field can be seen in the gallery page.

Jet Hips 1/1, elbows 0/0 EIC clear, eyes clear by test, coat colour Black confirmed parentage by DNA.


IMG_3069   IMG_1525   IMG_2197  IMG_2224  IMG_2181Image 1